Freeze Dried Fruits & Veggies! Whaaaaaat?

Farmer Jennifer is excited to now offer freeze dried fruits and veggies to our farm family of customers! What the heck is freeze dried? Yes, freeze-dried fruit is real fruit—it has simply been subjected to a commercial freeze dryer. This machine removes moisture from the fruit using cold temperatures. Freeze-dried fruit is completely dry, lightweight, and has a crisp, crumbly texture. As for how it tastes? Freeze-dried fruit is "bright and full of the flavor of whatever fruit (or veggie) it is. While fresh fruit is obviously the ideal choice, freeze-dried and frozen fruits are actually your next best bet in terms of nutrition. In fact, "frozen and freeze-dried fruit are often more nutrient-dense than their fresh counterparts because they are harvested while in-season and immediately flash-frozen or freeze-dried to lock in all of its nutrients.

What's more, compared to dried fruit that "only removes about 75-95% of moisture through simple dehydration," which is "often associated with a loss of vitamins A and C, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin, freeze-dried fruit maintains most of its nutrients, fiber and vitamin C, as fiber is contained in the cell walls and skin of fruit, while vitamin C is water-soluble and quickly broken down. Plus, freeze-dried fruit is bursting with natural flavor, so it doesn't need to be sprinkled with additives or extra sugar to please your taste buds.


Fruit is naturally bursting with flavor, and freeze-dried fruit packs just as satisfying of a punch, despite all the steps it goes through. So if you were unsure what would pair best with freeze-dried fruit, just know it's the same foods you would pair with fresh fruit!


The benefit of freeze-dried fruits, in general, is that because they can live in your pantry, choosing freeze-dried fruits for smoothies over bulky bags of frozen fruit saves you space in your freezer, and they're always readily available when you're looking for something nutritious.


Not only do freeze-dried fruits take up minimal space in your pantry, but they're also lightweight, portable, and, as a result, perfect for travel and shipping. Cant make it to market? No problem! We offer free shipping!


Though a variety of freeze-dried fruits are perfect for making homemade smoothies and juices, a handful of it can also go a really long way when it comes to adding a lovely burst of fruity flavor and a vibrant hint of color to a plethora of yummy snacks and treats. In addition to simply eating freeze dried goodies "as is" for a healthy snack, freeze dried fruits and veggies can be used in soups, oatmeal, cereal, casseroles, seasonings, stir fry, milk shakes, side dishes and Farmer Jennifer's favorite is using them to create the ultimate salad!

Buy Freeze Dried Products

We accept payments via credit cards and SNAP Ebt. And we participate in SNAP stretch, a program funded by West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition that enables SNAP Ebt customers to receive additional FREE products as follows: Adults without children buy 1, get 1 FREE when paying with SNAP Ebt. Parents of children buy 1, get 2 FREE when paying with SNAP Ebt. Grandparents who help feed grandchildren buy 1, get 3 FREE when paying with SNAP Ebt.

Interested in purchasing freeze dried fruits and veggies from Sunset Berry Farm? Call or text 304-646-3784. At this time, we have freeze dried strawberries available. We will be adding new fruits and veggies from our farm as they are harvested throughout the season. We will also be offering freeze dried fruits and veggies sourced from othe local farms.

Strawberries are $8 per retail package sized at 5.5 X 7.87 and $2 per individual snack size package 3.3 X 5.5. We offer FREE shipping to customers in West Virginia.

Join Our Freeze Dried Foodie Club to recieve a different freeze dried product each month in a retail size package (5.5 X 7.87) shipped to your mailbox for $120 per year. Expect to enjoy strawberries, peaches, apples, pears, asparagus, blueberries, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, mushrooms, peppers and onions. We will also provide recipes and exciting ways to eat freeze dried fruits and veggies.

Thank you for supporting our local small farm!