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The Sweetest Fundraiser Around

Sunset Berry Farm has the sweetest fundraisers around. Who doesn't love fresh-picked local strawberries and beautiful sunflowers straight from the farm? You get easy to sell sell products people love, make money for your group, and help support a local farmer. Everyone wins! Here's how it works:

Customers pay $20 and and get their choice of:

  • A box of 10 chocolate strawberries (May/June pick up)
  • Two pounds of local fresh-picked strawberries (May/June pick up)
  • A bouquet of sunflowers (Aug & Sept pick up)

You may cross out sunflowers and just do strawberries if you are not comfortable waiting for those. Some groups prefer to do a second fundraiser in the fall with sunflowers.

Your group keeps $5 for each unit sold and submit the remainder to the farm 30 days prior to your pick up date.

Groups choose a pick up location, time, and day between May 16 & June 5 for strawberries or Aug & Sept for sunflowers.

The farm will handle pick up for LOCAL groups and non local groups with orders of $2000 or more, unless groups prefer to do pick up themselves.

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